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So over the last few months a lot has happened and things are really looking good. We’ve selected the songs for the debut EP, we’ve got them shit tight with the band. Studio time has been locked in which begins from the 18th of April with well renowned producer Bill Shanley. The EP will be ready for release at the end of May but the exact date has not been confirmed for that as of yet. The last month has seen us play many dates across England including Leeds and Leicester, with Sheffield and Manchester gigs coming up between now and June. Two festivals have already been confirmed for July in Denmark which is exciting, and also some big support slots yet to be announced for this summer so keep an eye out! College gigs here have been going very well for us as CIT , UCD , NUI Maynooth and WIT among others have had us play on some of their biggest student nights/days which have been great in terms of gaining new fans and the response has been fantastic. Speaking of picking up fans (not in that way lol), we have recently hit the 5,000 mark on Facebook so if you’re not already on there , head over and ‘like’ us so you can keep up with what we’re doing on a daily/weekly basis. We are on every other form of social media, so if you’re not big into facebook, catch us on any of the following with @scoopsmusic :Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Soundcloud

For now thats all from Scoops Music but we will be keeping you all up to date here as well as on all of the above social media!

Stay classy everybody!!

Scoops 🙂


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