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Hey guys! The last few months have been fairly hectic to say the least but I’ll try rattle everything off the top of my head here. Progress So we finished the recording of the debut EP at the end of July in Cauldron with Producer Bill Shanley, Engineer Michael Manning[…]

Studio News

Hey everybody, we’ve been extremely busy in the last month so i’m just about to tell you a bit about how we’re getting on. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a few big names on our up coming ep with Bill Shanley being the main man as producer. We’ began[…]

Current news

So over the last few months a lot has happened and things are really looking good. We’ve selected the songs for the debut EP, we’ve got them shit tight with the band. Studio time has been locked in which begins from the 18th of April with well renowned producer Bill Shanley. The EP[…]