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Hey guys! The last few months have been fairly hectic to say the least but I’ll try rattle everything off the top of my head here.


So we finished the recording of the debut EP at the end of July in Cauldron with Producer Bill Shanley, Engineer Michael Manning and Assitant David Montuy! It was an absolute pleasure to work with these guys! So as stated in previous blogs we’re going with ‘Best of You’  as the first single of the EP  and shot the music video for it in mid August which we are due to get back next week. On Sunday just gone we got a photshoot done (full band, 2 piece and solo shots) in Waterford with David O’Sullivan from ‘Capture Me Photography’.Can’t wait to get the pics! We were also on a 5 day festival tour in Denmark at the end of July/start of August and believe it or not we are heading back over from the 3rd-6th September for another stint of festivals which I’m really looking forward to!! Such a great music scene over there from what I’ve experienced in the last 2 years! There’s been a lot going on since the last post in terms of meeting the people we would love to work with in the industry and trying to tie up the last few loose ends before devising a plan to release the EP which is all starting coming together thankfully. It’s been a long auld road to getting everything sorted in order to finally be getting out there ‘officially’ as an original artist with material out there for people or ‘fans’ to throw an ear on! I’m excited/anxious/nervous/pumped/and pretty much everything else rolled into one. That’s the overall feeling but each day can have it’s separate feeling whether it’s delighted to be making the progress or the contrary which is the worry and concern as to why its taking so long. This translates I suppose into days of feeling high most days or frustrated, even low on others. That being said , the first time actually doing this whole thing properly (or anything  for that matter) may take a little longer than expected as there are many more components than you would imagine that it takes to get everything surrounding the music on the same page (you original artists out there can surely identify with this as a first timer) for example, rehearsing the band for studio/recording/gigs, getting photoshoots done, keeping in constant control of all social media platforms, getting music video done, coming up with a release campaign, organising PR stuff, meeting people who we can learn from/work with, all the while still gigging and grinding out the unpromoted cover gigs(which keeps me musically active, what other better way to fund the music than playing music ay?) which enables me to fund this whole dream that I’m chasing. The plan for the moment apart from actually getting the EP out now is to really push forward with the band and gig much as possible playing in front of as many people with the help of support slots/festivals/and some small headline gigs which are in the pipeline including the official EP launch night. (While a date and venue have yet to be set, the idea would be mid October all going well.) That plan has gotten off to really good start in recent weeks as we’ve supported The Academic in their debut headline gig in the Reg in Waterford, which was in fact our debut outing as a full band, which was AAAAALSO the Reg’s first time hosting their venue to an Original Act so there were debuts all over the place that night which is looovely 🙂 We followed that up with a support slot opening for Hermitage Green (Darragh-Cole Clark-legend-fave-lol) in Kennedys  which is a fantastic new venue in Killeagh , Co. Cork. Both acts we’re super nice, (one of which was infinitely bearded than the other hahah), and two of Irelands hottest acts so was great to share the stage with both of them and hopefully it won’t be the last time! Thanks lads 🙂


Till Now

So far playing/writing music has been keeping me driven , and am still striving towards that goal of being out there as an original artist, playing original songs which I’ve  written and been working on for the last 7 years through 1000’s of hours of writing, countless sleepless nights, back to back folders full of songs and lyrics, a lot of which will not see the light of day. This is all part of learning and practicing the craft of writing songs I suppose . The aim is to put across certain scenarios in a song that I’ve been in, seen others close to me be in, or just how I have felt through any particular period of time,all of which can be happy, sad, postive or just about just being delighted with life again it depends on how I feel at the time. For this debut EP  it’s quite a positive upbeat selection of songs 🙂 The EP will be titled #ScenesOfJoy


Just a little note of ‘Thanks’

To anyone who has supported me from the very start , either showing face at a local gig, sharing a video, or even if you ever made the suggestive ‘keep it up man’ , I really do appreciate it. I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing the progression from a solo act to a 2 piece with Steve (percussion) all the way up to a full band now (Kev-electric guitar,/vox  and Glen-bass).  As mentioned above, just putting the last pieces of the puzzle together and hope you enjoy the EP and video.


I’ll try keep this blog updated at the start of each month going forward as I missed the last few moths :/ Sorry if it comes across a bit all over the place, but its just about filling you all in on the details of whats been going on I suppose and then a bit of me just rambling on here. But if you have any questions please leave them in the comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Have a good one,

Good night,



  1. pablo - September 28, 2015 1:22 pm

    it was great to listen to you in Temple Bar one week ago!!

    Good luck from Spain!!

  2. Wendy B - November 6, 2015 11:21 pm

    Saw you after the Dublin Marathon in the Auld Dubliner – amazing set despite not being able to walk/dance/rock! You mentioned to us (& our mate ‘Anthony’) that you were touring the UK – could you remind us when this is as we would all love to support you! Awesome guys xxxx

    • scoops - April 10, 2016 4:21 pm

      Hey Wendy! This message was somehow out of view hand have only seen it this minute!! We are doing a Uk and Ireland tour starting 29th April and over in the UK in May all the dates can be found in the tour dates section!! Hope you can make it to one!!


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